I have been hella productive this week. All of my projects except Esjan have been accomplished! Here are some pictures.

1. The Woven Cowl: IMG_1474

2. The keychain: IMG_1491

3. The Bird: IMG_1488

4. The Garland: IMG_1471



November 2013 Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup


This will hopefully become my obligatory beginning of the month House Cup Homework break down!

Here is a short explanation of what it is: “Craft one-month Class Challenges! Create three month works of art in the Ordinary Wizarding Levels exams! Make great stuff for good causes in Quidditch! Welcome to the House Cup – a place to create magical projects with creative support from your House-mates.” -From the Ravelry Group Page. If you love Harry Potter, and love a challenge this is a group for you.

If you don’t know about the House Cup, and would like an in-depth look at it follow this link.

This month is dedicated to the series of trials Harry, Herimone, and Ron faced as they raced against time to save the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was an ambitious task for the youngsters so I want to meet the challenge. Here is a look at what I’m doing.

1. The Enchanted Chessboard.

I’m doing Option 3:  Mending. Take something that has been destroyed and rebuild it or make it into something new. (Note: Don’t just repair an existing project. This must be a new project started this month. Darning socks is not acceptable, knitting new socks out of frogged yarn is acceptable.)

I frogged a previous project Herringbone Neck Warmer into a new cowl. I hated the way the yarn didn’t bring out the pattern. Here is the new project: Woven Cowl. All of the knitting it complete. I just need to block and then to add buttons!

2. The Chamber of the Keys.

Only one option this month: Capture your key! Craft inspired by the glittering winged keys flitting about the room. You may produce an actual winged key or merely take your inspiration from the keys themselves.

I’m doing the Skully Keychain. I knitted it up in about an hour. Now to felt and add a key loop!

3. Fluffy

Only one option this month: Knit, crochet, weave, spin or dye something inspired by a soothing piece of music or lullaby. Please let us know what piece of soothing music or lullaby inspired your work.

I’m doing a Bird Bookmark. I used to listen to the Beatles’ song Blackbird before I went to sleep at night. I haven’t even started…

4. Devil’s Snare.

Option 1: Be inspired by the Devil’s Snare’s long tendrils and craft something long, thin, or otherwise capable of ensnaring. Hint: practically anything will be accepted for this option if you can provide photographic evidence of it successfully snaring something or someone. 😉 You are of course also encouraged to provide a photograph showing off your stitchwork once you have disentangled yourself.

I’m looking to finger knit a garland for my Christmas tree this year.

Last, but not least The Mirror of Esried

Option 3: Craft something that you have always desired to make. This would be a great time to go through your queue and find that one project you have coveted and make it! Spinners and Dyers, maybe you’ve been waiting to try a new fiber, color, or method — this is your chance!

I’m looking to make Esjan by Stephen West. It is a big project, and I haven’t even started because I thought I would use this week to get the smaller projects out of the way.

There are more classes and option than what I’ve listed here, and I haven’t even been sorted into a house, or played Quidditch. Seriously, if you harry and crafting check this place out. It is Ravelry only though.

So, that is HPKCHC for the month of November. I hope I can get through it all, but even if I can’t I’ll be getting more done than I expected!



So it’s been a year.


And that is absolutely terrible of me. I’ve had a lot of personal problems crop up, and that is really no excuse but there it is.

So, a little stitchon update:
1. I switched jobs from the Law Firm to an education non-project called A+ College Ready. We bring Advanced Placement classes to high schools across our state. We specialize in providing teacher training. We focus in English, Science, and Math. It is great work, and our success makes the job very rewarding. But at the same time it is not a library. And I really want a library.

2. I bought a house. An honest to goodness house. That is all mine. I’m officially in debt for life woo! It has been a crazy experience, and we’ve only been in it about 3 months. So everything is everywhere. BUT one of my bestest of friends is coming to visit. I haven’t seen Knotta, in like two years, so I need to clean and decorate! That will be the weekend project over the next two weeks.

3. I’m trying out this new Ravelry group called the  Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup. It has been so incredibly excellent. I’m playing as a Not-Quite-a-First-Year because the year term(three months) had already started. I stumbled upon it a week into October. It has been incredible! I’ll do a whole post on my projects for this month. It has made me want to be knitting non stop. The perfect solution to Christmas knitting dread.

4. I’m head over heels in love with my burlesque troupe. Still. And there are no words to explain how wonderful them and the acts make me feel.

I think that is all for now.



Volunteering and Knitting Challenge Day 9


Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?


I love working with anything sock weight or fingering. I think it feels so good to the touch. I also think it has a really great natural tension that I enjoy playing with. But out of particular weights I don’t really have a favorite fiber. I dislike working with cotton (it doesn’t like to move and is splitty). I have some Bamboo Silk that is absolutely a dream to slide through my fingers. And a nice wool is always pleasant and springy (not the season)


So, I am volunteering my time at the North Shelby Library teachings kids 8-11 how to knit. It has been very interesting. I have only taught people my age or older how to knit, or children around the age of 5 how to finger knit. Most of the kids have picked it up fairly quick, but one girl has become a prodigy! She started knitting in September, and was making a ball through increases and decreases and them seaming it up last night! I was super impressed. So I told her I would be happy to teach her how to work on circulars or doublepointed needles if she wanted to learn. She looked at me with such excitement! She even mentioned seeing if there was a girl scout badge because she would love to have me help her earn it! I was really impressed! There is also a girl that couldn’t quite get working with two needles, but she had crocheted before. And I kid you not, she is knitting with a crochet hook and knitting needle at the same time. And making a knit fabric. It is the craziest thing in the world to watch. But hey! if it works, it works!


So what are you doing?



Exercise Update and Knitting Day 8!


So a quick exercise update: I’ve lost about 5 pounds! I’m not really looking a specific weight loss expectation I just want to wear my favorite pair of jeans again. But tracking my calories is going really well! I’ve also cut out cokes except on special occasions. So far I’ve only had about 5 over the past 3 weeks. Which is so much better than the at least one a day routine I was on. And! I’ve been doing my pilates everyday and I can see such a huge difference in the way I move and hold myself now. I love it! So it looks like the dares are going quite well in the health department.


Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

My most challenging project at the moment is The Lady Meddler’s Husband. Its A LOT OF COLORWORK and stitches, and massiveness. But since winter is starting it will be nice to knit underneath. But its a very painfully slow process.


Other updates: Blogging… yeah that is not happening very well, but hopefully I will pick it up a bit better. I am writing in my real tangible journal often. So at least things are getting out of my head.


How is life for you?



Back in the Saddle, Again… no really again… I swear


Second verse same as the first.

I am going to try this again. Luckily, my weight has been pretty stable since I really started to lose weight. I’m still sitting at 190 pounds. So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands again and really start to work on this. I’ve given myself three dares to follow through until the end of the year. That is my goal. At the end of the year I’ll reevaluate. Those dares are:

1. I dare myself to blog on both livestrong.com and wordpress 4 times a week. Picture posts, favorite quotes ANYTHING. Blogging has always been a tool to give myself control over my life. To remind myself of the good things. And congratulate myself on getting through the bad things. I’m terrible at keeping up with it these days. I also want to start a tangible at home journal. So that I can get some separation from my public and private life. Meditate.

2. Which brings me to dare number 2. I will do my Pilates series of five, 5 days a week (or a full class 2 days out of those 5). I will end each session with Dead Pose for at least 2 minutes to give myself a moment to reflect and relax. To meditate and learn to let things go. I feel like this is incredibly important and I’ve been terrible at doing it.

3. To track what I eat Monday -Friday. I would do it on the weekends too, but I feel like life is good in moderation. I also feel like the weekend should be a reward. A chance to drink eat and be merry. I try and give myself rewards. Give myself a break so that I don’t eventually regret or resent myself for pushing so hard and missing the little things.

So that’s it. That is my “big” plan for the rest of fall. Let’s see if it can happen. Let’s pick it back up with the Knitting Challenge Day 7 tomorrow. Until then….