So here is my first installment on the road to Christmas knitting completion.

I  am apart of a local burlesque troupe in Tuscaloosa, AL called the Pink Box Burlesque. We do a Christmas party to celebrate the end of the season, and to spread the good cheer to each other. Which tickled my inspiration, and I thought “Gee wouldn’t it be absolutely swell if I knitted PBB alter egos in kitten form!!!”

I’ve got 6 cats to make by December 4th and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for this. Here is a rundown of my PBB Kittenmas

1. Vlad: A grey and white tabby (mimics his real cat. his and tempest’s are the only two that mirror their real live kitties)

2. Tempest: An orange and white tabby

3. Mama Dixie: A black cat with a red top hat, and a pink boa.

4. Tesla Coil: A black cat with blue socks, and a pink boa.

5. Hector: A black cat with a cigar, and a pink boa.

6. Rocky: A black cat with gold shorts, and a pink boa.

The pattern that I want to use is one that I’ve used before. Here is a link to it on ravelry. Here is also a link to an archive of the pattern. It is available for free.

So far, I have all the pieces knitted and I’m about to start working on accessories. I think I’m going to use a modified version of this boa pattern. I’ll need to shrink it to fit the size of the kitties, but I really like the loop stitch.

The yarn I’ve used so far has been bought at Serendipity Needleworks, my LYS.

I’m using Sublime Extra Merino Wool DK for all the bodies.

I’m thinking about using some kind of mohair yarn for the boas. I think together with the loop stitch it will give off an impression of a “feathered boa.”

I was thinking Lorna’s Laces Glory

It’ll be something a bit more light pink but the you get the idea on the look.

Once I get this done I can move on to a different set of Christmas presents, but that is another post for another time!

Knit the planet,



3 thoughts on “Kittenmas

  1. I have always wanted to try that pattern, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I think it’s in my queue on Raverly right now.
    I’m trying to knit just about everyone in my family a little something this year, but I’m sticking to boring wash/dish cloths. I’m going to make a sushi scarf for my cousin, though. When worn, it looks like a hot mess, but when you roll it up: it looks like sushi!

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