So I know I said that Kittenmas was the first of the Christmas knitting I needed to get accomplished BUT I did want to post a Christmas project that is done! Jake’s gloves! You can see all the ravelry information here.

If you don’t have a ravelry (gasp! and you should get on that) you can find the pattern for free here at

I used Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed, and picked the marigold yellow because it will look dashing with his black pea coat. And he will wear yellow lol. It was done on size 7 and the project was incredibly easy. I knitted it up in about a day.

I’ve also started a new workout routine and creative writing routine! The workout is going to be the hardest to keep track of mainly because I never feel better after working out. In fact, I think it seriously depresses me. All I want to do afterwards is lay on my couch… I don’t even have a desire to knit. So, to fix this I’ve decided to workout at night right before bed. That way I can just go to sleep. It’s nothing serious besides running a mile and some basic ab work. I just need to get back in better shape. The creative writing routine is the opposite. I want to start waking up earlier and writing just a paragraph of anything. Have a cup of coffee and write a paragraph about whatever strikes my fancy. I think I’ll feel much better about life if I can keep this blog going, workout and write more. I am going to be in the real world soon enough. Time to start acting a bit more grown up and less college kid…

Damn the man,



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