A Kittenmas update!


So I have finally finished one of my first kittens. This one had to be done by Sunday since that is the day of Secret Santa, but I’m hoping to have them all done by then.
Meet Rocky,

Dr. Rock Kitty

Here is the kitten for Dr. Rock Aurum of the PBB

This one is for Rocky. He has been performing in PBB shows for a while now, but his signature role is Rocky in our rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All of the kittens have the same main structure, but each has something a little unique to the performer. Rocky’s got the gold shorts because of his namesake, and well he looks damn good in them. They are all getting the pink boas.

I’m extremely happy with the way the shorts and boa turned out. The loop stitch really makes the boa appear feathered. I ended up with a different yarn choice than the Lorna’s but its still mohair. I used Rowan’s KidSilk Haze- Flower. I went with this simply because it was more in my price range. I bought it at a different shop than Serendipity Needleworks because I was home for the holidays!

Rowan KidSilk Haze-Flower

So far, Christmas knitting is a go. But after kittenmas the Christmas knitting really begins…

Stay warm,


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