Santa might not bring me gifts.


I’ve been a bad girl this Christmas already! I swore to myself that would not buy anymore stash yarn until I had finished my Christmas shopping. Well, I caved yesterday. I went to my LYS (Serendipity Needleworks) to pick up some more yarn for the kittenmas project and she told me she had gotten new yarn in. Normally I can withstand the temptation, but this yarn is exclusive to the season and shop. Serendipity has a few custom hand-dyed Lorna’s Laces. Crimson Pride, Tiger Pride, Tommy, Nelle, and Christmas Confetti. BUT she just added a new color for this Christmas season only: Christmas Holly. And it is gorgeous. You can get it in any type of yarn that Lorna’s makes. Which basically means you can get it in any type of heaven you want. Here is a crappy picture from my phone…

Christmas Holly by Lorna's Laces at Serendipity Needleworks


And then! To make matters worse I bought a new book. I love it! Mainly because I love Koigu though. Here.


I totally think it was worth the craze, but back to kittenmas! Updates soon especially since its all due by Sunday!


stash on,



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