I remember when December used to be fun…


So I wrote a big post and put it in the que only to realize that wordpress somehow deleted it! It was great, and I’m about to rewrite! I know I have been lax to update here the past week, but finals just started and I got sick the week before which put me way behind in everything.

But I’m almost caught up with everything important, which sadly means that my knitting has been put on hold the past couple of days. 30 pages of paper writing will do that to you. So here is a small update on the Christmas knitting:

Kittenmas: All the cats have been assembled I just need boas. And I gave Rocky away, and personRocky thought he was absolutely to die for cute! I couldn’t be happier with the reaction and love that little kitten is going to receive.
Dad’s socks: I havent even casted on for the other socks. I need to figure out how people knit two socks at once. That might help in the long run.
Bestie’s Herringbone Shawl: Ummm, yeah. About that. I haven’t even bought the yarn. But that is totally ok because I won’t be seeing her in forever. 😦
And then the cabled monster from the deeps: yeah it hasnt been touched, and my grandmother doesn’t really inspire me to finish it. (there is a deep seated mutual dislike there).

So as you can see I’m forever behind, and just resigning to finishing the cats before anything else gets done. My mom is the only one I have finished, and she is the only one that is really looking forward to it. So that is a plus. Hopefully, I’ll knock out the cats quickly and can at least cast on the next sock. I honestly can not tell you when I might start working on that blanket again.

But to make this post a bit more lively I’ll post a picture of my Malachi, and a baby blanket I finished for Christmas back in July!

Wyatt's Baby Blanket

Here is Wyatt’s Baby Blanket. The pattern can be found in stitch n bitch, and it was super easy. I loved making it.


And here is the one and only Malachi! I hope to post a picture of his brother Ichabod once I get his boa done, but I think I might wait until I have the rest finished and take a group photo!

Tata for now,



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