2012 Knitting Challenges


So in keeping with the New Years trend of resolutions and personal challenges I decided to make a blogpost dedicated to what I’ll be challenging myself with in the yarn world.

1. The Barn Raising Quilt

I am taking the Barn Raising Quilt pattern (found in the Knit-A-Long Book)  and expanding it. I feel a 42 square blanket is a little small for all that effort. So I am turning the blanket into a 60 by 80 quilt. It will consist of 4 square sections and will be 15 sections wide, and 20 sections high. That is A LOT of squares. Here is the first one! I hope I will be able to post the final squares in a year!

The first one, and my cat Dax

2. Stranded Knitting

I think that Stranded Knitting is so beautiful, and really help me design some really gorgeous pieces. It seems like the technique is easy to understand, but practicing it might be a little bit harder. I haven’t picked a specific project to aim for, but I’ll definitely be picking something tough to work towards! If anyone has any advice or easy beginner projects that would be much appreciated.

It's just so pretty. (source: http://redshirtknitting.com/?p=2007)

Hopefully, 2012 will be a year with knitting achievements and personal achievements. I hoping to live a healthier life all around. What are your New Year resolutions or challenges?


One thought on “2012 Knitting Challenges

  1. Russell Farr-Jones

    I did a blog post with my resolutions. I want to learn to cable and also to make a whole jumper for an adult – everything I make is for babies!

    Stranded knitting sounds interesting – I may have to add it to my list. 🙂

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