So as I was spending the time the other week organizing my yarn I realized that I really need to organize my needles. That is almost more necessary than the yarn at this point! Needles are everywhere, and my eyes are not good enough to read the tiny numbers on the circs. So I spent about 3 hours trolling the interwebs to find the perfect solution.

3 things were driving me crazy about the needle cases I’ve seen in stores, and even on etsy:

1- Why does everyone want to keep their circs and straight needles separate? I mean I would like to have all my needles together. Because my needles dont have any straight/circ racism in their environment! They want to get along, and hang out together.

2- Why are a majority of them rolled? I want something with a real clasp, and closed edges. My needles are sneaky, sneaky and like to escape.

3- Why can’t we have enough space for my notions? I would really like to keep my needles, and notions together. I mean I don’t want to carry a thousands things with me when I go knitting in public. I just want my yarn, needles, and notions.

So with those three things driving me crazy I found a pattern that I think I can pull off. Everest- The Ultimate Needle Case. It seems to have everything I’m looking for, or it looks like I can expand in some areas! I hope to be giving it a shot next time I head home to my mom and sewing machine. I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I get finished.





3 thoughts on “Needles!

  1. Knitting needles are tricksy things! I’ve only got two pairs (so far) and they’ve already tried to run away from me and poked holes in a couple of plastic bags. I bought some stoppers to put on the ends so that my work doesn’t come off.

    Evil, evil yarn sticks.

  2. I’ve been looking for a good needle storage option AND some little sewing projects to do on my new sewing machine. I think this might be perfect. I’m totally pinning this on Pinterest! 😉

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