Photo Time!


So here are the promised pictures!


Here is the Dr. Who scarf I am currently working on. This is just the first three stripes out of 66! But it is super fun to knit with all the color changes, and is a nice i-dont-have-to-pay-attention knit.


And here are some pictures from my Papermaking Class. These were taken by a woman named Uli Frank. She is in the class with me. Here is her blog.

This is the Couching process. It's when you press a sheet for the first time from the Mould and Deckle

This is when you go for the first pull. SHown by two of my classmates.

I recommend taking a papermaking class for all my crafty friends. Its a lot of hard work, but the results are definitely worth it. You will be hooked after your first pull.


paper on.



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