Some Socks!


So, I’ve been under the weather, and other personal issues have kept me from updating and knitting! It’s been terrible BUT I have been able to work a on a sock! We just started a knitting group at my Masters program at the University of Alabama and our first knit-a-long is socks. I’m the only person that has ever successfully made a pair in the group so most are doing a very simple worsted weight sock. But I am doing this. It’s called Candle Power and the pictures with the pattern really don’t do it justice. It is absolutely stunning when stretched. So here are some pictures!

I tried to take some good ones, but I don’t really think I captured it either! The yarn is Madelinetosh sock! In a gorgeous purple colorway that the pictures don’t even come close to covering. Here is a link to their website! They have some amazing colorways, and are typically well priced. It’s been a pleasure to work with as well.


So that is a quick update! What have you been knitting?


keep on,



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