I’m at a crossroads…


…in my knitting life. I absolutely adore working with double pointed needles. Like looooooove it. I especially love the look people give me. They look at me like im a ninja, and I’m not going to lie that is an awesome feeling.

Oh right! back to the problem at hand. There are some gorgeous sock patterns that are knit from the toe up… on circulars. For example, Blackrose from Knitty. It doesn’t seem like it is difficult to do but for some reason the idea of not using my dpns makes me a little sad :(. Most people then argue that if I’m going to be soooo damn stubborn about wanting to stick to my dpns then I need to learn how to rewrite the pattern…. I’m pretty sure I can, but that is A LOT of work before even starting a project on US 1s that I’m starting to lean toward making my first pair with this fancy magic loop circular needle thing. Does anyone have any suggestions on a well written pattern? Difficulty doesn’t matter if it is well written. 

Cause I mean it’s all about being versatile, and being able to make whatever pretty thing I run across right? And let’s face it, I’ve met a ton of knitters that have been knitting waaaay longer than I have that are scared of dpns. This isn’t betrayal, but expansion.


grow on, 



2 thoughts on “I’m at a crossroads…

  1. Russell Farr-Jones

    I think my first use of dpn’s have scarred me for life. I’ve got a book on doing two at a time on circulars, but I’ve since read quite bad reviews of the book. For me it’s what’s the quickest way to achieve my goals, and it’s certainly not dpn’s! 🙂

    Wish I could do socks like you have in your last post… My biggest issue is still tension (which is why I probably like crochet a lot more, but crochet isn’t as popular for socks!)

  2. I have used double points for socks all my life and have not the slightest inkling to try the “magic loop,” creative though it may be. Anything on circulars can be knit on DPs.

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