The Lady Meddler’s Husband


So I’m a huge Whovian. Its unhealthy and My new year long project is Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan on Ravelry. The pictures are gorgeous.

It is also going to be a great opportunity to learn how to solve one of my new year’s resolutions: intense colorwork. I’ll have the opportunity to do stranded knitting, intarsia, AND double knitting. I will also have to learn how to add fabric backing with a 3 needle bindoff! It is a large and learning project. I’m using a fairly cheap yarn since this is going to be 9’6″ x 6’4″. I’m using a deliciously soft Plymouth Encore Worsted on size 9 needles. I have no pictures yet, but I’m about to cast on! So I will leave you with an excellent Dr. Who picture.

Also, I’m titling this the “The Lady Meddler’s Husband” after the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” because a friend I and were discussing our Time Lord names, and the Lady Meddler is what I went with.

I’ll keep everyone up to date.

Doo Wee Ooo,


One thought on “The Lady Meddler’s Husband

  1. I can’t wait to see this!!! I LOVE Dr Who! I’m just now getting my boyfriend into it as well, we are about half way through episodes with the 10th Doctor, David is his favorite.

    Love your blog! I was ‘tagged’ yesterday in this getting to know you post by a fellow blogger and figured i’d share the love, so I tagged you in my getting to know you post

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