Back in the Saddle, Again… no really again… I swear


Second verse same as the first.

I am going to try this again. Luckily, my weight has been pretty stable since I really started to lose weight. I’m still sitting at 190 pounds. So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands again and really start to work on this. I’ve given myself three dares to follow through until the end of the year. That is my goal. At the end of the year I’ll reevaluate. Those dares are:

1. I dare myself to blog on both and wordpress 4 times a week. Picture posts, favorite quotes ANYTHING. Blogging has always been a tool to give myself control over my life. To remind myself of the good things. And congratulate myself on getting through the bad things. I’m terrible at keeping up with it these days. I also want to start a tangible at home journal. So that I can get some separation from my public and private life. Meditate.

2. Which brings me to dare number 2. I will do my Pilates series of five, 5 days a week (or a full class 2 days out of those 5). I will end each session with Dead Pose for at least 2 minutes to give myself a moment to reflect and relax. To meditate and learn to let things go. I feel like this is incredibly important and I’ve been terrible at doing it.

3. To track what I eat Monday -Friday. I would do it on the weekends too, but I feel like life is good in moderation. I also feel like the weekend should be a reward. A chance to drink eat and be merry. I try and give myself rewards. Give myself a break so that I don’t eventually regret or resent myself for pushing so hard and missing the little things.

So that’s it. That is my “big” plan for the rest of fall. Let’s see if it can happen. Let’s pick it back up with the Knitting Challenge Day 7 tomorrow. Until then….



One thought on “Back in the Saddle, Again… no really again… I swear

  1. I like that you called them “dares” instead of “goals” or “resolutions.” The last two make them sound like obligations; dares makes it sound fun. I might try doing that.

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