Exercise Update and Knitting Day 8!


So a quick exercise update: I’ve lost about 5 pounds! I’m not really looking a specific weight loss expectation I just want to wear my favorite pair of jeans again. But tracking my calories is going really well! I’ve also cut out cokes except on special occasions. So far I’ve only had about 5 over the past 3 weeks. Which is so much better than the at least one a day routine I was on. And! I’ve been doing my pilates everyday and I can see such a huge difference in the way I move and hold myself now. I love it! So it looks like the dares are going quite well in the health department.


Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

My most challenging project at the moment is The Lady Meddler’s Husband. Its A LOT OF COLORWORK and stitches, and massiveness. But since winter is starting it will be nice to knit underneath. But its a very painfully slow process.


Other updates: Blogging… yeah that is not happening very well, but hopefully I will pick it up a bit better. I am writing in my real tangible journal often. So at least things are getting out of my head.


How is life for you?




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