Volunteering and Knitting Challenge Day 9


Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?


I love working with anything sock weight or fingering. I think it feels so good to the touch. I also think it has a really great natural tension that I enjoy playing with. But out of particular weights I don’t really have a favorite fiber. I dislike working with cotton (it doesn’t like to move and is splitty). I have some Bamboo Silk that is absolutely a dream to slide through my fingers. And a nice wool is always pleasant and springy (not the season)


So, I am volunteering my time at the North Shelby Library teachings kids 8-11 how to knit. It has been very interesting. I have only taught people my age or older how to knit, or children around the age of 5 how to finger knit. Most of the kids have picked it up fairly quick, but one girl has become a prodigy! She started knitting in September, and was making a ball through increases and decreases and them seaming it up last night! I was super impressed. So I told her I would be happy to teach her how to work on circulars or doublepointed needles if she wanted to learn. She looked at me with such excitement! She even mentioned seeing if there was a girl scout badge because she would love to have me help her earn it! I was really impressed! There is also a girl that couldn’t quite get working with two needles, but she had crocheted before. And I kid you not, she is knitting with a crochet hook and knitting needle at the same time. And making a knit fabric. It is the craziest thing in the world to watch. But hey! if it works, it works!


So what are you doing?




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